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The Cutting Garden started life as The £2 Garden, which was built to provide beauty and food for a family of four, who were only allowed to spend £2 per week on it... and it worked!


It then went through different phases before becoming the Tranquil Garden, which was created as an oasis of peace and quiet in our busy lives.


The initial inspiration for this garden came from a visit to Monet's Garden in Giverny, France.


The circular, raised beds are edged with left-over roof tiles from our Helenium Tea Room. They have been attached to an aluminium band at the top and secured by sinking the bottoms of the tiles into the ground before filling with soil mixed with equal parts of our own garden compost.

The individual beds have been filled with plants that are suitable for cutting and are predominantly colour coordinated.


While moving in and around and looking across the beds there will be different colour combinations at each point. At this time of year plants that can be used in floral arrangements include Elaeagnus, Pennisetum, Gaura, Penstemon, Dahlia, Sedum, Chrysanthemum, Agapanthus, Miscanthus and Echinacea.